Villas for sale in Aquitaine

The region of Aquitaine has a high number of villas for sale, primarily due to its location in the South-west of France. Historically villas are generally grand & luxurious houses introduced by the Romans. They are often comprised of a single low floor of rooms which surround an internal courtyard with waterfeatures in order to keep the house cool. Villas in Aquitaine can be split into three major categories:

  • Landaise villas
    These are the oldest of the 3 types of villas and are derived from farmhouses, they are also known as "Longères" (deriving from the French for "Long"). They are long houses with visible wooden structures often painted dark red, brown or green creating a contrast against the white walls.
  • Basque villas
    Basque villas are found further inland and are similar to Longères. They are popular as they can be built at very little cost on big plots of land.
  • Modern holiday villas
    These are often located close to the costline, beaches and main tourist areas. Modern villas are normally very well equipped and are targeted for holiday makers. As such, they can prove very wise investments as rental/holiday houses as well as being great second homes.

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